Guardianship of
University & Pathway Students

Guardianship for University & Pathway Students

The UK has always been a popular destination with international students and continues to be the number one choice for many. While they study here, many universities and pathway colleges insist that students under the age of eighteen appoint a UK based guardian. Guardians are required to provide a support system for each young adult, acting as an emergency contact; communicating with college and university staff and parents or agent; managing consent requirements and any other matters in the absence of the parents.


What we provide

College Guardians provides guardianship for international students studying at university or undertaking a university pathway course. Generally, this is only required for students under the age of 18 however we also provide a service for students into their mid-twenties when their parents believe they need an additional level of support. We recognise that many of the young people within our care wish to have a certain level of independence and our team understand that there is a fine balance between independence and support. With this in mind, we are here to help and guide students as they move to become young adults.

Students will have a number of opportunities to meet with their allocated guardian, who are able to support them settling into university/college life and assisting them with any issues that may arise. Guardians are selected before each student arrives in the UK so they will have time to familiarise themselves with what is available to them and who to go to for support, well before they commence their studies.

Each student will be send a guardianship handbook, this gives details of who they can contact in addition to lots of useful information about life in the UK about what to expect and hopefully answers lots of questions that the students may have.

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Additional Services

Guardians are also able to:

  • provide 24-hour on call service during term time
  • liaise with students and their parents for health and wellbeing matters as required
  • liaise with college or university staff for pastoral or academic matters as required
  • exercise discretion and sign consent forms for social and college activities
  • provide any additional visits at a parent or students request

If you would like to discuss guardianship while you study at university or take an access course, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a number of services to support you while you study in the UK.

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Thank you again for your ongoing support (if only we could clone you for overseeing all of our students!)

I am writing to thank you for the exceptional care that Georgie has experienced in your hands. She says she feels extremely happy, secure and safe. Thanks for your support and advice.

Clara made it home safely last night. Your drivers quick thinking a dedication made the mission impossible trip home possible. Thanks Carl.

Your email just put a huge smile on our faces - I am so glad that we have peace of mind knowing you are taking care of him.

Covid 19 situation has allowed your team to demonstrate such capabilities, keep communication and follow up dynamically to help our students.

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